Shreya Gupta is a New York based illustrator. She is originally from India but her passion for drawing and illustration brought her to States where she pursued MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from School of Visual Arts, NY . Apart from drawing, Shreya loves to travel and never holds back from trying new cuisines.



For commissions or any inquiry, please get in touch at | +1 718-690-6252. 



Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2017

Communication Arts Student Showcase

Visual Opinion, Vol 23



(upcoming) 2017 "Camouflage", Light Grey Art Labs, Minneapolis 

2017 "Beyond Optics", SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York 

2017 "The Thesis Show", SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York

2016 "The Book Show", Gramercy Gallery SVA, New York

2015 "Gone", Gramercy Gallery SVA, New York   


All work © Shreya Gupta 2017