Little Women - 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition

Created illustrations for Little Women, the 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition, published by Little, Brown. I illustrated and designed the book jacket, the endpapers and 47 chapter openers for this book in less than two months (along with reading the whole novel)!

Little Women is a timeless classic that was written 150 years back by Louisa May Alcott and is one of the few books that has been reprinted numerous times over the years. It is a fun and heartwarming story of four March sister- Meg, who loves beauty, Jo who loves to read and write, Beth who loves playing piano and Amy who has talent for art. The story witnesses the sisters growing up and figuring out what role each wants to play in the world, and, along the way, join them on countless unforgettable adventures.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Little Brown website.

Art Director: Mario Pulice

Editor: Carina Guiterman

Book Jacket

little women Book Cover_Shreya Gupta.jpg

The Endpapers

Chapter Openers

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