NYT SUNday book REview

Illustrated for book review of The City of Brass by author S.A. Chakraborty. The protagonist is a half human who can do magic and together with her djinn sidekick they fight zombies, travel dangerous lands and whatnot.

Art Direction: Matt Dorfman

NYT Book Review-City of Brass.jpg


For the Book Review section on a satirical novel by Michelle de Krester- The Life to Come.  The author challenges that travel does not necessarily broaden one’s mind. The characters are globetrotting cosmopolitans that make a fetish for travel and prepare food, not for sustenance, but for Instagram worthy pictures.

After I sent the sketch, we decided to have 1" more on either sides so it fits all digital publication platforms.

Art Direction: Matt Dorfman

Life to Come_NYT Sunday Review_thumb.jpg

nyt Sketchbook section

For the Sketchbook section on NYT. It is a standalone, print-only art spot and responds to “current events.”

On Cynthia Nixon’s run for governor of New York. Nixon is best known as an actress who played Miranda in the television show “Sex and the City,” but she also has a well-documented history of public education advocacy. Our focus of interest was that her celebrity is discussed to the exclusion of her platform and history of political organizing.

Art Direction: Andrew Sondern

Cynthia Nixon Miranda Rights_ Shreya.jpg


Illustration for an article on new immigrants adopting Thanksgiving celebration while living in current America.

Art Direction: Jim Datz